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Hey you!

What it do y’all! Oh, Write is back. Missed y’all. I wish love, peace and light to everyone reading these words. Hope you’re doing well, staying hydrated, and getting fresh air. Enjoy issue #17 babes.

Writer’s Log #7

Lately, ya girl has been going through a creative drought. It’s difficult to decide on new projects to pursue. The process of completing new ones has been rough at best. Instead of giving myself the rest and care that a bad bitty like me deserves, I’ve been getting down on myself about it.

I almost feel like a bad writer. That inner pressure stems from the tons of bad writing advice I’ve consumed online over the years.

The number one trash piece of advice I’ve seen is, “If you don’t write every day, you’re not a real writer.” 

My creativity ebbs and flows. Sometimes I fill pages and pages with words. Sometimes I struggle to write past the word “the” like SpongeBob writing that boating school essay. My shifting writing schedule doesn’t change the fact that I am and will always be a “real” writer. 

I’m a part of this writing thing for life, like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys, Bad Boys 2, Bad Boys For Life, and the inevitable fourth Bad Boys movie. 

Everyone’s creative process is different. You may have bad days, weeks, months, or years because you’re a damn human being. You’re not Jenny from the short-lived but beloved Nickelodeon cartoon My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Don’t get mad at yourself for not fitting other people’s expectations of what a [insert title here] should be. You’re your beautiful, amazing, lovely, creative self—and that’ll always be enough. 

If your creativity’s in a slump, like me, give yourself the gift of rest. I like keeping my mind busy in other ways, whether by doing word search puzzles or playing video games. But, like creative processes, everyone’s rest will look different. Just give yourself time away. Your creativity’ll swing back around before you know it. 

And—take everyone’s advice about your craft with a grain of salt, even if they’re “successful” or “talented”. (And yes, that includes muah) If you don’t agree with what someone says, just continue doing what’s working for you. It’ll all work out fine—promise. 

Things I’ve Consumed 

  1. The recent season of This Is Us (wowzers. no spoilers obvi but i watched the whole show in 2021 and what a fantastic show. great character studies happening up in hurr)

  2. Tyler, the Creator’s new album Call Me If You Get Lost (i honestly can’t believe i’ve been a tyler fan for 10 years now. but he’s truly steph curry with the shot—don’t miss!!! we love to see it.)

  3. Juvenile’s pro-vaccination anthem “Vax That Thang Up” (Black culture wins for the millionth time)

  4. Netflix’s docu-series High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America (everyone and they momma needs to watch this e-ver-y-one. quality.)

Things I’ve Created

  1. Sis, ain’t you read the writer’s log? I ain’t been creating much of anything LMAO; but I have been writing some short posts on Medium so there’s that

Writing Prompts (these prompts are from all over the interwebs)

  1. Science-fiction writing prompt

  2. Romance prompt

  3. Honestly-it’s-hard-to-give-this-a-genre prompt

Issa Conclusion or Whatever

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