#18: Da Dog Days Of Summer

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Hey you!

Y’all doing alright in those dog days of summer? This Virginia heat got me swea-ting. But, I’m still out here tryna thrive. Be safe y’all and protect yourself—we may be outside but COVID is too!!

Writer’s Log #8

I’m turning 26 in a couple of weeks--which means that I’ve been posting my writing on the internet for almost 14 years. Wowzers! It seems like just yesterday I was penning Y/N fanfiction on the sky blue B5 fan forum Breeding5.com. 

I’ve moved from online platform to online platform since then; blogs and social media sites galore. Now, I’m on a site called Medium.

It’s been my writing home since October 2020. If you’d like to check out my work--here’s a link to my profile! The main difference between Medium and other online platforms is that you can make money from it, similar to YouTube’s Partner Program.

Like with any job/side hustle/gig, it’s important to prioritize your mental health just as much as you prioritize that bag. It can be hard to because the algorithms of social media platforms praise consistency at all costs. That leaves little room for grace. That leaves little room for rest.

I’ve been trying not to forget what matters most, even in the pursuit of “success” or “going viral” (ew): my well-being. Mental health is so invaluable—and it’s worth a bazillion viral articles.

Things I’ve Consumed

  1. Space Jam: A New Legacy (tbh i really liked it)

  2. FX on Hulu’s The Choe Show (what a fantastic talk show i’m just a little sad that there are only four episodes available)

  3. Fear Street: 1994 (to be honest, this was some mid. i’m tight it was so boring because I’m in need of a new horror movie to watch; y’all got any suggestions? hit a homie up!)

Things I’ve Created

  1. I’ve been creating a lot of short-form content on Medium lately. Here are a few that I’ve written recently:

    1. “If I Was in Wu-Tang Clan, This Would Be My Super Cool Rap Name”

    2. “What Songs Will I Play for My Children?”

    3. “The Boring But Still Kinda Lit Story Behind My First Tattoo”

Writing Prompts

  1. Science fiction prompt

  2. Science fiction/romance prompt

  3. Format prompt?? I kinda love this??

Issa Conclusion or Whatever

Thank you so much for reading Oh, Write!
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