#6: Learning How to Learn

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Hey you!

During my spotty relationship with public school, I had a love/hate relationship with learning new things. While I loved when I picked up things quickly, I hated struggling through a difficult topic.

In adulthood, I’ve learned to embrace the struggle.

Recently, I’ve put aside time to learn about flash fiction. I’ve been focusing on the learning process instead of stressing myself out about getting better as quickly as possible. 

This week, take time to learn something new.

For example, the next thing on my curriculum is learning how to write a TV show pilot (mostly through YouTube, but hey--who doesn’t learn everything through YouTube nowadays?) 

  1. Blogger Montelle Bee shares easy ways to automate your Instagram business

  1. Fashion influencer Nilu Yuleena Thapa shares her personal style through her Instagram, @bighairloudmouth

  1. Photographer Myles Loftin has shown work in publications like Paper Magazine, New York Magazine, and i-D

  1. Podcast Maed in India showcases Indian independent musicians that have performed on their podcast throughout 2020 

  1. Author Kahilah Harry shares the process of editing her second book

  1. Developer Justin Chau shares a day in his life of being a self-taught software developer

  1. Mr. Robot actor BD Wong talks Gotham and Jurassic World 3 in an interview with Podcast Watch Less

  1. Masterclass dropped a trailer for their newest class, Creating Outside the Lines, taught by author, screenwriter, producer, actor, and internet legend Issa Rae

  1. Blanime Podcast is joined by the members behind the diverse manga brand Team God Punch in their latest episode 

  1. Founder and CEO of online events platform Run the World Xiaoyin Qu talks finding success during the pandemic in Forbes interview

Random Music Clip: Danna Paola - Calla Tú

Writing Prompts: 

  1. Write a story documenting a day in the life of a farmer that takes a turn for the worse. 

  2. Randomize your favorite playlist. Write a story based on the first song you hear. 

  3. Your character is stuck in an elevator with one other person for a few hours. Your characters don’t know how long they’re going to be in there. How do they handle it? Do they wait it out, fight each other, or band together to try and get out? 

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