#7: Rejection Ain't Nothing but a Word

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Has failure been kicking you in the butt lately? Me too babe, me too. To get out of my rejection rut, I gained inspiration from some of my favorite success stories. Although rejection sucks, a lot, it’s a part of the process. The only way to success is through failure.

Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from putting yourself out there. Or, if you’re a Cinderella Story fan like me take inspiration from this Babe Ruth quote, “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” 

  1. Cardi B will get her first lead film role in Paramount’s upcoming movie Assisted Living

  1. Sewist and blogger Faith StJules shares her “me-made wardrobe” on her Instagram, @faithstjules

  1. Poet Lang Leav shares her new poem Leaves on Twitter

  1. Hulu releases trailer for The United States vs. Billie Holiday starring Andra Day

  1. Author Amy N. Johnson discusses how to create your first story on Wattpad

  1. Writer, director, and photographer Van Ditthavong shares how to develop a movie idea

  1. NBC drops the promo for actor, comedian, and 1990s Nickelodeon royalty Kenan Thompson’s first Primetime TV show, Kenan

  1. Entrepreneur Drell Jones shares unique ideas for side hustles

  1. Dance company BFunk shares Bollywood and Bhangra styles of dance on their YouTube channel

  1. Self-taught costume maker and plus-size model Cin’Von Quinzel shares her cosplay on her Instagram, @cin_von_quinzel

Random Music Clip: DijahSB - Throw That Back

Writing Prompts:

  1. Write a story about a haunted ski lodge in 250 words or less. 

  2. You’re staying in this hotel for a few nights. One night, you’re woken up by the sound of glass cracking around you. What comes next? 

  3. There’s a lake in your character’s neighborhood that leads to a mirror universe. How does the character realize that for themselves? 

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